Here comes a new fansub team: [Johnny-englishsubs]!

Hello, everybody!

My nickname is Johnny, I’m a french fansubber in his early 30ies, who can encode, typeset, edit, translates from english to french and from french to english.

I am the founder of a new fansub team called [Johnny-englishsubs], a reference to my main french fansub team, [Johnny-subs].

I plan to sub some old animes thanks to french subtitles from official releases, in order to guarantee the best quality that it can be.

I am not a pioneer, my friend Hiei-, who led the former team [Frenchies-subs] and Takara, were the first to use official french subs to release english fansubs, but since I think some animes are worth to be subbed, I want to walk in the footsteps of the team I mentioned before.

The pace of releases will be variable, since french releases must remain my priority, but I plan to release the first 5 episodes of some anime at the pace of one release by week, in order to start a good way.

So, what will be [Johnny-englishsubs]’s very first release? The answer is coming soon!


6 thoughts on “Here comes a new fansub team: [Johnny-englishsubs]!

  1. Don’t worry, I don’t plan to stop it. However, future releases will be 2 episodes of 2 new projects (one will be a never ever english subbed anime). Then, I will resume Attacker You! fansub (as I said episodes 06-15 have been translated yet).
    Thank you for your support.


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