[Johnny-englishsubs] very first release is… Attacker You! 01

[Johnny-englishsubs] very first release is… Attacker You! 01

Hello, everybody!

My very first release is the translation of an old anime that was broadcast in Europe and waw very popular in France and Italy; it is a shojo & sports anime called Attacker You!, more famous in France under the title of Jeanne et Serge.

58 episodes in which a young cheerful girl named You Hazuki will play volley in her school’s team, then in a pro team. And a lot of things will happen to her: friendship, sadness, joy and maybe love…

I encoded the first episode from the japanese dvds ( I have known some R2J DVDs that got better quality, but whatever…) and use the french subtitles to translate the episode. I did my best to edit & check it and I hope you’ll enjoy it.

In the first episode, you will make acquaintance with You Hazuki and her surroundings… and understand why I called the xdcc (that Hiei- kindly provided me) “Panda”.

The episode is available on:

  • IRC: #Johnny-englishsubs@irc.rizon.net
  • Torrent
  • P2P

I hope you will enjoy this first release and don’t be fooled by this picture (just a joke I made, even though this screen is from the release)!

See you soon!


5 thoughts on “[Johnny-englishsubs] very first release is… Attacker You! 01

  1. Thank you for the release! I’m happy this show is being released with English subtitles! I was wondering, are the French subtitles based on the Japanese audio, or the French dub?


    1. Thank god, french subs are based on japanese audio. Believe me, had they based on french dub (which was an adaptation of italian dub), I would never ever translate this shows with these subs, and I wouldnt have bought french dvds either!


  2. Nice to see someone picking up this old anime. I remember watching it in French when I accidently stumbled upon it while flipping through channels. I found it oddly entertaining eventhough I couldn’t understand a word of it.

    A tip of the hat to you for doing this good sir!


  3. This anime was also popular in Poland back in 1993. It was shown perhaps one and only time at Polish Polonia 1 channel. Rumours that they’ve lost tapes with all episodes. In Poland there was original japanese version with Polish lector. I saved only small part of one episode on my old VHS tape unfortunately. There exists only one full episode saved from VHS on Internet.

    So I really appreciate your amazing work. I waited 23 years to watch this anime again. Looking forward for next episodes. Respect mate.


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