Month: February 2016

Attacker You! 06

Attacker You! 06

Hello, everybody!

As I announced it a few minutes ago, it’s time for [Johnny-englishsubs] to publish a new release! And since I know you’re a lot of people to wait for it, be happy, because this new release is Attacker You! 6th episode! Now it’s the time to see You working hard to become a regular after being dismissed by the devilish coach Daimon, and she does her best with the help of her mate nicknamed “Mini”…

Well, by the way, I know it’s Valentine’s day, but don’t be fooled by this picture: there is no yuri in Attacker You!. Yeah, I know, it’s a shame…

Well, whatever…

This episode is available on:

Oh, and I almost forgot it: I want to thank ersad sadiku whom I accepted the help for some editing and he will do the same thing for episode 07 (next release) and the other releases who will follow!

See you soon!

MEGA links

Hello, everybody!

I planned to post about my new release, but I’ve noticed nyaa was messing from time to time recently.

Therefore, I decided to create MEGA links for my releases and from the next post, I will add a Mega link with the IRC, Torrent & P2P links.

You can find the former releases links here:

Stay in touch for next release!