Attacker You! 07

Attacker You! 07

Hello, everybody!

I hope you are fine, and if you are yet, you’ll be happier soon, because today, a new Attacker You! episode is released!

This time, it’s Valentine’s Day and You hopes to have a date with her beloved So… However, she may be have a rival who is nobody else but Nami… and after believing So sent her a love letter, You faces a terrible disapointement…

About this episode, except the fact it is one of my favorites, I have to tell something about it: in french dub (edited from italian dub), You is introduced as Mimi’s cousin, who is Ashita e Attack‘s protagonist, in order to pose Attacker You! as a Ashita e Attack‘s spinoff. However, french dub eluded the fact that Nami is So’s cousin (I only learned about it when I discovered japanese dub). Yes, in Europe, we love sportive cousins, but not what you can call “kissing cousins”… Well, whatever…

This episode is available on:

As I did it for the former episode, I want to thank ersad sadiku for working on the edit.

The next release will be from a new project, but it won’t be its first episode… yes, it’s kinda enigmatic, but it’s just a question of a few weeks before the suspense ends, so stay in touch, please!


11 thoughts on “Attacker You! 07

  1. Hey, thanks for the subs. I’m just starting to watch this anime. Even though the Shin Ace o Nerae! hasn’t been subbed yet (I know they’re alternate versions of the same story) is the original Ace o Nerae and movie enough to know what’s going on in this OVA?


      1. I’ve been looking forward to watch the full episode of the Ace Wo Nerae 2. I really love this anime. There is a full episode in Youtube but it is dubbed with another language and there is no english sub.


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