Month: May 2016

Aim for the ace! 2 03

Aim for the ace! 2 03

Hello everybody!

The Goddess of Destiny has decided that today, Tennis French Open, known as Roland-Garros Tournament as well, would start… while I had chosen to release after a few months hiatus, a new episode of Aim for the ace! 2!

But in this episode, Hiromi doesn’t come to France, but to America, in order to meet some young players, as well as Mr. Reynolds, her new coach. Hiromi thinks it will be temporary, but she still doesn’t know about the tragedy that stroke Jin Munakata. And little by little, this tragedy begins to be known by Hiromi’s mates…

This episode is available on:

My special thanks go to ersad sadiku an another anonymous (as he requests it) editor for their help on the edit.

Next time, a certain magical girl who loves to draw will be back!

See you soon!

Attacker You! 09

Attacker You! 09

Hello, everybody!

Since I’m a kind guy, I decided not to make you wait too long for Attacker You!‘s next episode, but I won’t be as nice as today…

Well, whatever, in this episode, You’s team and Nami’s team are still facing each other, and the conclusion is… Well, You and her friends seem to be happy, but you musn’t judge a book by its cover, they say…

But most of all, after the match, You will begin to learn the importance of a victory and a defeat thanks to her beloved So… in many ways, this episode is a turning point in Attacker You!‘s story…

This episode is available on:

As usual, I thank ersad sadiku for editing the episode.

Next time, there will be girls and sports too, but it won’t be volleyball…

Stay in touch and see you soon!