Attacker You! 10

Attacker You! 10

Hello everybody!

Did you miss her? Your favorite Panda Volley Girl!

If you did, be happy, because You is back and will surprise everybody, including Space sheriff Seider that you can see on the picture (this character was inspired by the series Space Sheriff Sheider)…

And if you didn’t, I don’t care!

Well, let’s get serious again, You is now a regular, but she must endure Nami’s training, and the club captain isn’t willing to be sweet with her… You is mad and decides to skip the training… Will the club unity be torn apart?

This episode is available on:

Once again, I thank ersad sadiku for editing this episode.

Next month, there will be more Panda Girl stuff, so stay in touch, please!



4 thoughts on “Attacker You! 10

  1. Welcome back Johnny. We were waiting a long time for this one. Good one mate. All the best for you and Ersad. Make the next one sooner rather than later buddy. Thanks a million for all the hard work.


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