Attacker You! 12

Attacker You! 12

Hello, everybody!

I know it’s been a long time since the latest Attacker You! episode was released, but patience is a virtue, and this month, a new episode is released! You’s arm is healed, but she is afraid of using it and being hurt, while another match is coming soon… Will You overcome her fears and spike with her right arm?

About the picture that illustrates the news, don’t be fooled: actually, You and So don’t kiss each other, it’s nothing, but You’s fantasies… But in the italian opening of the series (it was the same thing for french opening too), they put this picture on screen to make children believe there was a strong love story between You and So in the anime! But when you have watched the episode, you will realize things didn’t go the way You planned…

This episode is available on:

As usual, I thank ersad sadiku for editing the episode.

Your favorite Panda Girl will be back very soon, so stay in touch, please!


3 thoughts on “Attacker You! 12

  1. It took you ages men.
    How virtuefull you want us to become? πŸ™‚
    Well done anyway. Looking forward to the next one.
    Thanks Johnny, thanks Ersad for your hard work guys.


  2. Great job guys! I haven’t watched this episode yet, but just wanted to let you know you made some of us very happy once more!

    @Joe, just consider these episodes to be like a fine wine which must age some more to be fully appreciated πŸ™‚


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