Month: January 2017

Magical Idol Pastel Yumi 17

Magical Idol Pastel Yumi 17

Hello, everybody!

First of all, I wish a good year to all of you!

And to start this new year well, let’s begin with a new episode of a lovely magical girl, Pastel Yumi, the 17th episode!

As you can see it, Yumi looks like the Little Red Hood, because she has to bring some liqueur rose to her great aunt… But if there is a Little Red Hood, there is a Big Bad Wolf too… But the Big Bad Wolf in this episode is… kinda special…

I won’t say anything more about it, just watch the episode to understand!

This episode is available on:

I thank ersad sadiku for editing the episode.

Next month, the dream fighter will be back, so stay in touch, please!