Dream Fighter Wingman 03

Dream Fighter Wingman 03

Hello, everybody!

This month, this the return of a dream fighter who’s about to go to a dreamland…or what was a dreamland… I’m talking about Dream Fighter Wingman, of course!

In this new episode, Kenta & Aoi go to Podreams, where they meet Rimel, the dictator of this world, and Keytackler, Rimel’s dreadful lieutenant, who’ll become Wingman’s main nemesis and rival…

This episode is available on:

I thank ersad sadiku for editing the episode.

Next time, another hero from outer space will be back after a long wait, so stay in touch, please!

4 thoughts on “Dream Fighter Wingman 03

  1. I feel you bro. I guess lots of people do.

    Johnny – Attacker You seems to be your flagship story here.
    Don’t distract yourself with to many new anime.
    Please continue and finish one or two.
    You are quite organized and diligent it seems I would hate to see one day 5 different projects on pause cause of real live events.
    I will change my mind though if you find more people competent and willing to help you with your fansubbing.

    All the best.



  2. Joe has the point. Doing 20 things in one time makes random result. You can one day start to feel that you’ve started too many projects and will drop them all.

    I’d wish to see more often new episodes of Attacker You. Maybe is there a possibility to help you or something? I’m not able to translate but maybe some kind of help with edit, time sync? Whatever… Never did that stuff before. 🙂 Looking forward for Panda girl 🙂


  3. Actually, at first, I didn’t need any help, ersad sadiku suggested to help me as an editor and I accepted it. I think I will contact him this weekend about Pastel Yumi 18. Hiei- had some problems in his team, because his editors often disappeared without a warning, and he closed his team partially because of this.
    Anyway, I translated Attacker You until episode 15, you’ll have to wait for a new episode after April. I will always give the priority to french fansubs (I have a lot of stuff on this side too) and it won’t change. I don’t need some more staff, but some fans (I don’t talk about you or Joe) need to learn what “patience” means.
    Thank you.


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