UFO Robot Grendizer 04

UFO Robot Grendizer 04

Hello, everybody!

Today, this is the return of someone who had been gone for a long time… Duke Fleed and his space robot Grendizer! In this new episode of UFO Robot Grendizer, Koji Kabuto crashes on a desert island and Duke Fleed comes to his rescue… Here, they will get closer than they were before…

Apart this, since I recieved some messages about the big number of of my projects, I think I have to repeat myself:

  • French fansub will always have the priority. Even though I would only have Attacker You, it wouldn’t change the fact one or two episode would be released per month (I have the same configuration with my french fansubs, but I release pack of episodes and nobody complained about my pace).
  • I have an editor who must be busy and even though I contact him from time to time, the pace will remain quiet.
  • As my friend Hiei- (who was the leader of the late team Frenchies-Subs) said it before, these projects should have been dealt by other teams, but it seems they prefer to work on other stuff. That’s their choice and so is mine.
  • To conclude, here comes a very useful definition.

This episode is available on:

Thanks to ersad sadiku for editing the episode.

Next month, your favorite Panda girl will be back, but there will be only one episode of her.

See you soon!


10 thoughts on “UFO Robot Grendizer 04

  1. Don’t let people who in the worst case complain and in the best case offer well-meant advice, annoy you too much. A lot of us realize all of what you said without having to be told. Thanks for you guys’ work!


  2. For those ppl who cant wait for more attacker you go and watch some other anime or other stuff stop complaining if this keeps happening then i dont know what will happened in future i am doing my best with editing and Johnny is doing his best to translate fro you guys. so stop complaining and just watch the episode he post


    1. I’ve been part of a few scanlation groups, being a cleaner, an editor and a translator. The most important thing I’ve learned during those times is doing your own thing, accepting the encouragements and ignoring the pleas for more/sooner etc. is what makes it all keep being fun.

      Some people are just so much in love with their favorite anime/manga they sometimes simply can’t help themselves.


  3. There;s a big difference between asking someone to make the things sooner etc. and asking if he could focus on one or two titles instead of 10. From my personal point of view there is not so comfortable to watch 1 episode per month or longer. It’s a long time. After a week I forget what was on the last episode. But well. I’m patient. I’ve been waiting around 22-23 years to watch Attacker You again and I’ll be waiting more. Keep working πŸ™‚


      1. Well, these are the only series I will release.^^ Maybe I will sub another one when one or two projects is finished, but currently, it’s not the case.


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