Month: April 2017

Attacker You! 15

Attacker You! 15

Hello, everybody!

Today, it’s Easter, but I don’t have chocolate eggs for you…

However, to make up for, here comes a new Attacker You! episode! Eri Takigawa came back from Los Angeles, but doesn’t plan to enter into the national tournament, which infuriates You, as you can see it in her eyes… But maybe Eri’s decision hides something more serious…

This is the last episode I had translated until then. The next episode’s raw was encoded yesterday, but the translation hasn’t begun yet and the teaser will take some time to be translated (it wasn’t the case in french dvds).

Otherwise, don’t expect any other Attacker You! episodes before summer and be wise, understanding and patient…

This episode is available on:

Once again, I thank ersad sadiku for editing the episode.

Next month, another sportive girl will be back (but not only for sports), so stay in touch, please!