Dream Fighter Wingman 04

Dream Fighter Wingman 04

Hello, everybody!

Today, to start summetime a good way, I release a new episode of the funniest crusader of Japanese animes, Dream Fighter Wingman! Kenta tries to become stronger and has an idea to have a better constitution… But Ms. Matsuoka and the girls of his school don’t seem very happy with this… By watching the episode, you will understand why…

This episode is available on:

  • IRC: #Johnny-englishsubs@irc.rizon.net
  • Torrent
  • P2P
  • MEGA

I thank ersad sadiku for editing the episode.

Next time, a more serious hero and his robot will be back, so stay in touch, please!


6 thoughts on “Dream Fighter Wingman 04

  1. thanks i hope and i giving support to this fansub i hopes of this anime get all episodes subbed i m cheering for you gogogogogo johnnyenglish fansub


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