Attacker You! 16

Attacker You! 16

Hello, everybody!

This summer, the sun is shining, and another sunshine is back today… it’s You, our favorite Panda Girl! In this new Attacker You! episode, Eri comes into the court to face her, despite her injured eye… Which team will be the winner of the final match? Hikawa or Sunlight?

One thing is sure, as you can see in this picture, friendship will remain stronger than rivalry…

This episode is available on:

Thanks to ersad sadiku for editing and to Hiei- for helping me to translate the teaser (unavailable on french dvds).

Next month, another sportive girl will be back to face some tragedy, so stay in touch, please!


8 thoughts on “Attacker You! 16

  1. Sorry to be a moaner but last episode has been released in April, so I am not happy with the progress.
    I am glad you have some additional help though.

    Speed up as much as you can, please.



  2. Thank you! Could you by any chance upload the earlier episodes (1-5) to mega, I’m missing couple of them since I joined in bit late.


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