Month: November 2017

UFO Robot Grendizer 06

UFO Robot Grendizer 06

Hello, everybody!

Slowly, but surely, November is ending, and I couldn’t finish this month without a new release! Today, Duke Fleed and his giant robot come to the rescue in a new UFO Robot Grendizer episode!

Koji, Hikaru and Banta come to visit Tokyo, but a vicious Saucer Beast catch them into a trap whose the main target is Duke Fleed… How will it end?

Well, I think you have a hint at least: let’s just say the hero of the episode will not recieve the honors he deserves, but maybe it’s better this way…

This episode is available on :

As usual, I thank ersad sadiku for editing the episode.

Next month, you will get some surprises before Xmas… I won’t tell anymore about it…

See you soon!


Dream Fighter Wingman 05

Dream Fighter Wingman 05

(Sorry for the bubbles…)

Hello, everybody!

Today, a crusader makes his comeback after a few months… Kenta Hirono, alias Dream Fighter Wingman!

In this episode, Kenta is training to become a stronger crusader, while Key Tackler is making his move under Mr. Kitakura’s identity… and in the meantime, Aoi is taking a bath…

No need to say more about this, don’t you think so?

This episode is available on:

I thank ersad sadiku for editing the episode.

Next time, a giant robot will be back, so stay in touch, please!