UFO Robot Grendizer 08

UFO Robot Grendizer 08

Hello, everybody!

Before autumn is coming, I think it’s time to send a giant robot back so you can enjoy the last summer days…

You guessed it (probably), UFO Robot Grendizer is back!

As usual, Gandal and Blakki try to defeat Duke Fleed and Grendizer with a vicious scheme, but Koji Kabuto will be the first to fall into the trap. If only he was more cautious…

And in the meantime, Hikaru and his father haven’t got a clue about it. Well, whatever…

This episode is available on:

Next time, your favorite P**** Girl will be back, so stay in touch, please!


2 thoughts on “UFO Robot Grendizer 08

  1. hello can you provide the torrents for atacker you!, i can´t find some, especially older episodes, also are you planning to finish this serie?

    thank you Johnny

    great job


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