Attacker You 21!

Attacker You 21!

Hello, everybody!

Even though autumn took place in my country with a lot of rain today, I think it’s time to bring back sunshine… and in the meantime, your favorite Panda Girl, You Hazuki, in a new Attacker You! episode!

You and her teammates welcome Kanako Tajima, a former great volley player. Amazed by her, You asks her how to realize the greatest spike ever. Kanako Tajima agrees, but she hides something that You ignores…

This episode is available on:

Next month, Panda Girl will be back again, so stay in touch, please!


3 thoughts on “Attacker You 21!

  1. Hi Johnny.

    It is second time in a row when you do double release of Attacker You after subbing UFO Robot Grendizer.
    I hope it may become a custom from now on. Perhaps one day you could consider triple release of Panda Girl.

    Anyway… as always terrific job.

    Keep them coming.

    All the best



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