Attacker You! 22

Attacker You! 22

Hello, everybody!

Today, we celebrate the century of WW1’s end, but as far as I’m concerned, I prefered to release another episode of your favorite Panda Girl, You Hazuki!

In other terms, this is the day for a new Attacker You! episode!

In this episode, You recieves her first fan’s letter… and this fan is special, because she’s a little girl whose name is… You Hazuki and she loves volleyball too! A new friendship was born, but You will learn her fan hides some things about her…

This episode is available on:

Next month, there will be at least one release, a new project or another one, I still can’t tell, so stay in touch, please!


3 thoughts on “Attacker You! 22

  1. Hi. Thanks for another Attacker You!!! episode.
    I am a bit concerned about any new project you take Johnny.
    Can we at least know what it is beforehand.
    Hope it is not just another anchor that is gonna slow down our adventure.

    All the best.


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