Month: November 2019

Aim for the ace! 2 11

Aim for the ace! 2 11

Hello, everybody!

As November is leaving slowly, but surely, I decided I wouldn’t let it go without one release!

And that’s why yours truly will give you a new episode of a series that should be completed next year, Aim for the ace! 2!

Hiromi gets better, she’s preparing for the next tournament, all the more her friends (and rivals) Reika and Ranko are doing the same thing… But she also enjoys the company of her long time friend, Takayuki Todo.. Are they running to a bright future?

Well, just watch this new episode and you’ll know it!

This episode is available on:

Next month will be the last of the year, so it will be the occasion for me to release some surprises… or not.

Anyway, stay in touch, please!