Month: June 2020

Aim for the ace! 2 13

Aim for the ace! 2 13

Hello, everybody!

Today is the beginning of the summer in Northern hemisphere, so it is a bright day! And if you live in Southern hemisphere, this news will make your heart warm!

You guessed it, today is the day of the release of Aim for the ace! 2 last OVA! This is it!

After several years spent on working on the series, I’m glad to have finished this project and I hope you’ll enjoy the OVA where Hiromi and Madame Butterfly face each other in an epic battle, while their late coach is watching them from Heaven…

About Aim for the ace! Final Stage, as I told you before, it hasn’t got any official french subs, so I won’t sub it. However, since I released the first OVA, things have evolved on the fansub world, then, although I don’t promise anything, the chances of seeing the last OVAs subbed are far bigger than a few years ago. That’s all I can tell you for the moment.

Anyway, I hope you’ll enjoy this release!

This episode is available on:

Next month, a weird crusader will be back!

See you soon!