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And the Xmas surprise #1 is… Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid Specials 05 & 06!

And the Xmas surprise #1 is… Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid Specials 05 & 06!

Hello, everybody!

Whereas I planned to released just one Xmas surprise, yesterday, some events made me change my plans… Here come some explanations:

  • I translate Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid under the banner of [Touch_Productions], my yuri french fansub, regular episodes and specials on a Blu-ray rip version. Specials 01-04 had english subs, but not 05-06. After thinking about it, I decided to translate on my own, using my Japanese notions (they are short episodes, after all) and the Brazilian fansubs I had found (Fenix-Subs). My friend Hiei- (leader of the dysfunctional team Frenchies-subs) checked them for me. They were translated in french first, then in english. All was planned to released these unsubbed specials as a Xmas surprise.
  • However, yesterday, I found someone called blad761 subbed the last specials by using chinese subs translated with an online translator. Finally, I decided not to waste the work done on these specials (all the more I still planned to use my own subs for the french release) and to release the short specials. I will let the fans judge about it and Commie can decide to use my subs or blad’s ones for their own releases.
  • In order my  Xmas surprises to be unreleased, I will deliver you a 2nd Xmas surprise soon in a very short time… For the moment, enjoy these sexy specials of Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid, with Lady Lady and Momoka!

Once again, I thank Hiei- for checking the translation and ersad sadiku for the edit!

These episodes are available on:

The Xmas surprise #2 will be coming soon, so stay in touch, please!