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Looking for someone to start an unknown project.

Looking for someone to start an unknown project.

Hello, everybody!

Fist, if everything’s fine, this weekend, you should have a new release. But this is not the purpose of the topic…

Actually, I’m looking for a japanese-english translator to start a new project, not under the [Johnny-englishsubs] banneer. I’m just willing to provide my help by timing the series (I did the timing for 6 episodes yet), the rest would be up to the translator or the team.

Not only I can provide the timing, but also the karaoke made by someone else and the link to the lines of the teasers (I found a blog where a lot of teasers lines are transcribed). And of course, all the raws (that I didn’t encode).

If a translator/a team would be curious and interested in translating an untranslated anime (less than 50 episodes), you can contact me on the blog and I’ll talk to you about all you need to know.

That’s all for today, stay in touch, please!

Pastel Yumi on Retrocrush

Pastel Yumi on Retrocrush

Hello, everybody!

This topic is a little sudden: maybe you heard about Retrocrush, the streaming site with old animes…

Today, I learned that Pastel Yumi will be streamed on the application.

Consquently, all my releases are retired from MEGA and IRC, and I won’t seed them anymore.

Thank you for your understanding.

Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid on Blu-ray!

Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid on Blu-ray!

Hello, everybody!

Tonight, I will write a short post to talk about a news maybe you have heard yet before, Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid will be released on Blu-ray discs by Funimation!

If it has no incidence on my french fansubs, however, for my english ones, it is the case, because the specials will be included on the discs.

Consequently, this Sunday, at 07:00 pm, I will delete the files of the Specials 05-06 I had translated. By the way, it will be Sunday, at 07:00 pm in France, so beware the jetlag.

Well, that’s all for today, but stay in touch, please!

MEGA links

Hello, everybody!

I planned to post about my new release, but I’ve noticed nyaa was messing from time to time recently.

Therefore, I decided to create MEGA links for my releases and from the next post, I will add a Mega link with the IRC, Torrent & P2P links.

You can find the former releases links here:

Stay in touch for next release!

Here comes a new fansub team: [Johnny-englishsubs]!

Hello, everybody!

My nickname is Johnny, I’m a french fansubber in his early 30ies, who can encode, typeset, edit, translates from english to french and from french to english.

I am the founder of a new fansub team called [Johnny-englishsubs], a reference to my main french fansub team, [Johnny-subs].

I plan to sub some old animes thanks to french subtitles from official releases, in order to guarantee the best quality that it can be.

I am not a pioneer, my friend Hiei-, who led the former team [Frenchies-subs] and Takara, were the first to use official french subs to release english fansubs, but since I think some animes are worth to be subbed, I want to walk in the footsteps of the team I mentioned before.

The pace of releases will be variable, since french releases must remain my priority, but I plan to release the first 5 episodes of some anime at the pace of one release by week, in order to start a good way.

So, what will be [Johnny-englishsubs]’s very first release? The answer is coming soon!