Dream Fighter Wingman 09

Dream Fighter Wingman 09

Hello, everybody!

Today, in the heat of the summer, the ally of justice is back, even though he’s a little, even a lot clumsy… I’m talking about Dream Fighter Wingman!

In this new episode, a boys gymnastic club is created, with Kenta as the captain, but his teammates don’t seem to have very pure intentions… How will this weird experience turn?

Well, you’ll see by watching this episode…

This episode is available on:

  • IRC (#Johnny-englishsubs@irc.rizon.irc.net)
  • MEGA
  • P2P
  • Torrent

Next time, a giant robot will be back!

See you soon!

4 thoughts on “Dream Fighter Wingman 09

    1. Thank you, but I don’t need some help. All my subs come from official french subs, the timing is almost done yet. Just understand I always give priority to my own french fansubs.


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