UFO Robot Grendizer 13

UFO Robot Grendizer 13

Hello, everybody!

2020 is about to end, and you know it, it was a very special year, due to a certain disease. Even though it had no incidence on my fansubs, it wasn’t the case for a lot of people in their lives…

To help you to forget about it, I release a new UFO Robot Grendizer episode!

However, this episode isn’t particulary joyful, since Duke Fleed has to face a formidable Saucer Beast that uses the solar energy into heat beams. And Grendizer will be serioulsy damaged in this battle.

But since I don’t want to end the year a bad way, let me announce that Duke Fleed will eventually win and the episode will end on this picture, while New Year is about to begin…

I hope you’ll enjoy it, anyway…

This episode is available on:

Next year, if everything’s OK, your favorite Panda Girl will be back!

See you Next Year!

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