Attacker You! 37

Attacker You! 37

Hello, everybody!

Since January isn’t over yet, I wish you a very good year!

It’s time for fansub to come back with a new Attacker You! episode!

A newbie, Michiko “Shino” Shinoda has joined Seven Fighters after leaving high school. In a decisive match between the players for the national tournament, she’s chosen for the A-Team, unlike You. Are You’s regular position and olympic hopes in jeopardy?

Well, watch it to discover it…

This episode is available on:

Next time, Panda Girl will be back again, so stay in touch, please!

PS: from now on, my releases will be also announced on this Twitter account. Although most of my tweets will be about my french releases, you may be able to find some interesting things too, at least, I hope so…

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