Attacker You! 08

Attacker You! 08

Hello, everybody!

I had been away from english fansubbing from a kinda long time, but I couldn’t let April pass without releasing something… and it will be a new Attacker You! episode!

This is a crucial time for You, Mini & all her friends: they must defeat Nami’s team to have a chance to become regulars… but as you can see on the picture above, You has more than one trick up her sleeve and will surprise everybody!

This episode is available on:

Of course, I still thank ersad sadiku for editing this episode.

Next month, some new releases should be out, so stay in touch, please!


5 thoughts on “Attacker You! 08

  1. Oh man, that moment at 17:00 a bit disturbing to say the least. Imagine if all those sort of moments in this serie were to be cut and paste together…how long would that movie turn out to be?

    Thanks everyone who had a hand in subbing this!


    1. Yeah, I’ve noticed physical abuse being cut out of European releases before with other series too. Swiss family Robinson had a scene where a girl was whipped with a cane after misbehaving in the original and I didn’t see that in the local version.

      Daimon…more like daimondai(大問題) for the girls being coached by him! Look at number nine when he hits her! It looks like he knocks the saliva straight out of her mouth!


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