Attacker You! 13

Attacker You! 13

Hello, everybody!

As I promised it, I release this month a new Attacker You! episode. This episode is a turning point: a paper has published a photo where Daimon is molesting his players and the school doesn’t approve it… Daimon’s situation is in jeopardy and You tries to see if there are other ways than beating volley players…

This episode is available on:

As usual, I thank ersad sadiku for editing the episode.

Next week, you will have a little Xmas surprise; a new project that will begin and end with these releases, so stay in touch, please!


4 thoughts on “Attacker You! 13

  1. Lovely news. Downloading in progress. If there is any way to help you with these releases of Attacker You, just let me know. Respect for your job!


  2. As always, thanks so much for you guys’ continued effort in getting us these episodes! Poor daimon, will this be the end of his molesting!? As awful as it sounds, I like his totally ridiculous violent behaviour towards the students. I can laught about it since it’s a cartoon and it’s so different from what is socially accepted. Or maybe I’m just an evil person deep inside ;P

    The birth of a new meme? 🙂

    Looking forward to the xmas surprise!


  3. Hi Johnny, hi Ersad.

    Looking forward to the 14th episode of the series in the meantime I wanted to let you know that on Asiandvdclub website Japanese/French high quality master of Attacker You! can be downloaded by newbies since it has been bumped up to the status of golden torrent. Which brings a question. Do you use the same high quality RAWs as those? If not let me know maybe I could be of some help.

    Merry Christmas



  4. Hello. I use my Japanese DVDs to encode raws. French dvds are good, but blended, due to NTSC-PAL conversion. And the episode 16 has no jikai (on my releases, it will translated, even though I still don’t know how).


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