Dream Fighter Wingman 08

Dream Fighter Wingman 08

Hello, everybody!

First of all, since the month isn’t finished yet, I wish you a very Happy New Year! And to make a very good start, nothing is better than justice and jokes!

You know what I mean… today, we have a new episode of Dream Fighter Wingman!

In this episode, it’s a new school year for Kenta, Miku and Aoi. But some things don’t change, like Keytackler’s determination to get the Dream Note… And unfortunately for Kenta, a very curious girl, Kumiko Fuzawa, is trying to reveal he’s a real hero… Will Keytackler take advantage of it?

This episode is available on:

  • IRC (#Johnny-englishsubs@irc.rizon.net)

Next time, a giant robot will be back, so stay in touch, please!

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