UFO Robot Grendizer 09

UFO Robot Grendizer 09

Hello, everybody!

Today, in this sunny day in winter (yes, it’s true), we celebrate the return of a giant robot whose legend is forever in my country, UFO Robot Grendizer!

This new episode is one of my favorite in the series and one of the first I watched when I was a very, very little boy… Its story is a little different of the traditional Grendizer episodes, because we can see a Vega soldier in action… Commander Mineo, a young woman from Planet Ruby, must act in a suicide operation to destroy Grendizer… However, things won’t go the way Gandal and Blakki planned, and consequences will be fateful…

I won’t say much about it, just enjoy!

This episode is available on:

(NB: the XDCC is currently unavailable, but it shouldn’t be for long)

Next time, your favorite Panda Girl will be back!

See you soon!


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