September Surprise: Dream Fighter Wingman 01!

September Surprise: Dream Fighter Wingman 01!

Hello, everybody!

Little by little, summer is ending, but this end is for [Johnny-englishsubs] the beginning of something else… a brand new project!

This project is an anime I loved very much when I was a young, innocent, little boy (and it’s still the case!). It was broadcast on TF1 first, but I discovered it on La Cinq (a channel that was living its last months of existence…); it’s an anime adapted from Masakazu Katsura’s manga called Dream Fighter Wingman (shortened as Wingman in France)!

This anime is a parody of tokusatsu series (from where Power Rangers saga comes from), but can been seen as a tribute too. Its premise is kinda simple: Kenta Hirono, a junior high school boy loves tokusatsu series and dreams of becoming a hero. One day, he mets a girl fallen from the sky (who wears nothing but a bikini), finds a book on her, draws something about his heroic alias called Wingman and… well, the rest is history, if I say so…

This episode is available on:

As usual, I thank ersad sadiku for editing this episode.

Next time, another Wingman episode will be released, but since editing of new Panda Girl episodes takes far more time than expected, I still don’t know if episode 02 will be released this month or during next one. But I plan to contact ersad sadiku to know more about it.

Anyway, I hope you’ll enjoy this new project!

See you soon!


5 thoughts on “September Surprise: Dream Fighter Wingman 01!

  1. An unexpectedly fun show, and I appreciate the efforts to translate it greatly. A criticism that should be made in the name of bettering your work is that the translation has a lot of little flaws with grammar and, shall I say, clunky word choice. With a little extra work it could be made better, but the fact that you’re doing it at all is wonderful, and you should continue to do so.


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